Bluebird of Happiness

It is thrilling to sit outside in the Patio Garden and watch the Bluebird family that resides in a nearby birdhouse. Mother and father fly in and out of the birdhouse throughout the day. I do not hear any peeps from the offspring yet. Happiness is seeing the Bluebird of Happiness.


About Butterfly Woman Publishing

Butterfly Woman Publishing, is owned by the author. Books include "My Name is Butterfly" and "The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book." 2021 publication includes Butterflies of the Prairie Habitat. 2014 "My Name is Butterfly" is now available as an eBook on Amazon. The book was also published in Spanish. My second book, "The Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book" was published in Spanish in 2014. Owner Butterfly Woman Publishing Former Executive Director: Happy Tonics, Inc. A nonprofit for environmental education in northwest Wisconsin. I live in Saratoga Springs, New York, the home of my ancestors since 1866. My mother's ancestry is from Ireland, and my father's ancestry is from England.
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